Our all day breakfast showcases the beautiful produce that we sell in our store, accompanied by our unique jams and chutneys.

Daily Seasonal Specials

The kitchen team also create daily seasonal lunch specials such as pies, tarts, fritters, lasagna, protein salads and more!

Our Chefs prepare a variety of fresh take home meal solutions using fresh ingredients and no artificial additives, that are both tasty and healthy!

Our Blood Orange Cafe Offerings

Food is our passion. Eating, cooking, and sharing food is in our blood. Our legends in the kitchen are constantly creating delectable, fresh, healthy food for you to enjoy at Blood Orange Foodstore or take home, made with fresh ingredients from our speciality foodstore and grocery store.

Along with our all day breakfast and take home meals, we also offer a range of fresh salad, daily seasonal specials and catering.

Unable to drop by the store? Order our take home meals via Uber Eats. Contact us for more details or just order online. Can’t make it to the store?